Today the true problem of a real Business Leader is that in spite of:

understanding that business-processes in a Company must be formed up so should be written:

  • functions and duty regulations,
  • models of the salaries,
  • technologies of the work
  • and firm’s standards;

seeing the necessity to:

  • normalize and calculate labour capacity,
  • separate and "correctly" assign the functions,
  • stimulate
  • and hire personnel NOT "at random",

He does not do it (or does it but partly) since not clear:

  • who will do it?
  • when be concerned with it?
  • how much time will it take?
  • what will be afterwards?
  • who already did so?
  • what to do if "in one place it is applied and in another – "will come out":

And moreover as a rule "there is no time".

So the daydream of the Leader loaded with work is given material form to the following phrase: "Is there already ready-made package – universal and tested business pattern with all these functions, rates, salaries, standards and instructions? Moreover written "nearly under me" and "without water" checked by the specialists?"