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    The browser for native apps functionality, which

    "Expert Bro" is our brother in apps. It’s the browser for native apps functionality, which

    1. Creates native mobile apps by accessing the URL’s.
    Just like the usual browser creates web-page by the URL

    2. Allows different native apps to exchange functionality by exchanging links.
    By sending network request to the URL, any native app can get other app’s functionality. And each exchanged functionality communicates with it’s own backend.

    3. API’s are no longer required.
    Open the access to the already written piece of your program which you want to share, let your counterparties download «Expert Bro» and tell them the URL they need to use.

    4. Most likely, web-sites are no longer required as well.

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    Only one step from spreadsheets to java apps, only one cell for apps integration

    Another example of the use of TRIZ in IT. Use the spreadsheet, and get the fully functionig native mobile application in Java for "Android" OS.

    The video shows not only the creation of applications, but also demonstrates the simplest way of embedding different apps into each other. For example, the second part shows how we can embedd the pizza delivery app into the cleaning company app just be filling one cell of the spreadsheet.

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    Idealization of data structures. Ideal function
    The application of TRIZ in IT and programming (TRIZ-RI Skills)

    This solution was created during a quest for the ideal - both in terms of management and in terms of TRIZ. The wording of ideal (which corresponds to a spirit and intention which was formulated by Genrikh Altshuller, while creating TRIZ, and which promoted the development) is as follows:

    1) Ideal program is program which can be maintained and even improved by a programmer with a lower qualification then the author, and even without author being involved.

    2) Ideal program is program which does not require any changes and / or additions to the code if new functionality is added (in fact, for ideal program increasing functionality leads to redusing ammount of code); And all this without any harm to any of its characteristics (for example, perfomance, etc.).

    And with programs written so fast and maintained so simply, their creation and maintenance could be entrusted to children. So the adults could spend their time doing great revelations.

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    The accurate vote counting system with maintaining the secrecy of the vote and without possibility of fraud

    This method resolves the contradiction between the secrecy of voting choice and the strict accounting of the every vote.

    If there were not the secrecy of the vote, then numerous already existing strict reporting systems (for example, bank’s payments or etc.) could be used for the elections.

    Any citizen, listing the symbolic 1 cent payment to the special bank account and getting the receipt about this, thus uses the system in which any fraud impunity virtually impossible (or at least, fraud can not be secret). So even under totalitarian regimes (even in the distant future) the risk of being accused of manipulation with the votes will remain.

    But at the same time, any citizen, who carried out his will this way, makes his choice known. The bank account is personal and bank’s wirings are fixed. Although formally banking secrecy exists in any reliable bank, it is precisely the violation of this secrecy any citizen is not able to prevent. Especially, in countries where the manipulation of the ballots is regular.

    Now, when any Voter comes to the polling station and gets the ballot, he/she does not tell anyone about his/her choice. When he/she enters the polling booth he/she maintains privacy as well. When he/she puts his/her ballot into the ballot box, he/she also does not create the opportunity for getting information about his/her choice for anyone else. But when he/she does the same with the bank’s payment his/her choice in favor of someone is fixed. It’s trouble point.

    Thus, the guaranteed proof of the citizen’s will violates the secrecy of this will at the same time. For creating the reliable voting system, it’s necessary to resolve this contradiction.

    The solution of this contradiction is described below.

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    The any company standards

    The author of this material, has for the last 10 years been professionally engaged in PR-consulting in the field of management, has had experience in setting up and implementing company standards in various organizations. This experience proves that: the amount of chronic recurring problems from company to company (independent on the type of activity, turnover, share capital etc.) is "the same" and tends towards a constant value.

    This gave rise to the opportunity to write down some core company standards for any company.

    After reading this material, please replace underlined examples with your own, and, maybe, You will get core company standards for Your Firm.

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    About the stimulation of active sales managers. The paradox of an agent

    Problem 1.

    How to give a plan of sales to the trading agent, who actively looks for new Clients, when not only the number of Clients is important but also their “significance”, which is not easy to formalize?

    Problem 2.

    How to proceed in stimulating agents who are looking for new customers, if the first transaction is not indicative? Large customers may well make small trial orders…

    Problem 3.

    What should be done if we found only a few Clients for the month and on top of that, any Client can suddenly pass a large order (it would not be proper to include that in our plan)? That is, to wrongly set up the target income twice or even 20 times(!) is very easy in such a case.

    Problem 4.

    What is to be done in those situations when it is important that the agent not only aims at getting a big revenue from a newly found Client but also tries to sign a contract for more favorable terms for the company on deferred payment.

    We shall collect 4 challenges in one salary...

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    "Clotting" of business processes

    Two great people have given their opinions about optimization: "The only way to optimize an expensive project – is to close it" (Peter Druker) and "An ideal system is one which does not exist but its functions are being fulfilled" (Genrich Altshuller).

    This material is dedicated to (based on TRIZ) the methods of reducing work while keeping and improving its results. In this part of the work, following the steps of the Classics, we formulated the following: "The best work is one which You do not have to do but still get results from it".

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    Advantages and disadvantages of multiplication. Dialogues about salary

    It is often said that: “I shall pay on end result!.." And just as often we get puzzled with: “Yes, but there are many of them (the results)…” What should we do?

    Consider each one? How to “tie” each to one salary then. Outline the “main rating” from several? Which sign should be put between them?

    And later. When there are the result criteria of several individuals, how shall we not allow each one to “dissolve” in this “general evaluation” and how shall we NOT “pick” one instead of the other? How shall we not let the opportunity pass, when the employee goes on “retirement” when a big deal is “struck”?

    What shall force the employee to constantly “keep” a good level? And what shall be done when the employee “stopped short”, and he feels that the punishment is too severe?

    This is what Alevtina Kavtreva and Ksenia Tkalich will discuss about.

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    Shortcomings of stimulation through profit/turnover

    Shortcoming 1. (from nine)

    Not considering the fact that the turnover and the work-load are not interconnected. Consequently,

    1.1.  A huge one-time (sometimes sudden) “turnover-making” order, does not bring further work-load, but the salary increases and as a result the employee relaxes.

    And on the contrary. When the main work with the long-waited Client just begins, and new applications are not forecasted, the employees wants to “lawfully” know: why their salaries “fall” as compared to the last “profitable” month, though they are trying harder and wasting more time.

    1.2. The employee unconsciously begins to dislike cheap products and services, tries to run away from working with them and consequently does the same in regards to Clients who buy such products. Thus, in some shops, at the tea/coffee (conditional) grinder stands, you might not at all find salespeople (unlike, for example, at the projection TV stand).

    As a result, the bonus is "not transparent". The relation between salary and work efficiency is lost.

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