About the service

Consulting of specialists on the principle of membership service or one-time help in solving the following problems:

  • The implementation of salaries/systems of motivation.
  • Difficult and conflictual situations:
    • Between the management and the employees,
    • Between the employees,
    • Between the officials.
  • An optimal distribution of functions between the employees.
  • Difficulties in selecting staff (for various reasons).
  • Anti-advertising of competitors.
  • Actions during difficult times on the market, during periods of depreciation etc.
  • An evaluation of Ideas, names, slogans, commercial offers etc.
  • Fighting infringements and errors.
  • Management of commercial employees who “deceive” the management.
  • Fighting time, Client, resource thefts at the Company.
    • For the management,
    • For trade,
    • For promotion,

As well as any other joint problems.

During the consultation, the specialists will give recommendations on solving problems You mentioned, will illustrate in examples, will explain and will answer all Your questions, if required, will even give practical conclusions and grounds.

During the séance, it is possible to record the discussion for further listening of the recommendations or to decipher audio files.

Written consultations are also available. These can be in the form of written reports or the creation of documents.

The volume of the consultation can be agreed upon beforehand. It is sufficient for that purpose to send us your questions through email or tell them on skype or by telephone.

Such consultations will help in case You require prompt and qualified advices from specialists and if there is no necessity to order detailed inventions.