About the service

We are NOT at all talking about "duty responsibilities" or "duty instructions", which is already plenty on the Internet. We are talking about real (and thus easy to verify and “changeable” on the directors’ side), actions of the employees when they fulfil their duties.

Sometimes it seems that “we shall write ourselves…” But the one to whom we delegate the work, simply “follows” each employee and fixes what he does during the day, week, month. In fact, as if it was “historically meant to be this way”, and not how it should actually be. And then let s go...

In addition, the description of the functions of employees "on his own resources" - is usually long. (And it is not a fact that it would be completed and presented in a convenient form.) The situation at that time can swap a few times.

In order to avoid unproductively spending your own time and effort, you can entrust this work. With almost 20 years of experience, we do it very quickly and qualitatively.