Elaboration of the business strategy

Task 1. About the present. Why is no one buying (or not buying enough)? What to change in order for them to buy?

If Your expectations about sales are not met:

  • Sales were low to start with and never rose with time…
  • Everything was fine in the beginning and then everything went down;
  • Your products are not worse or even better than your competitors… But You have less Clients, and margins fall.
  • Much "work and hustle", but turns out to a "subbotnik instead of profit"…
  • Everything is fine but could it be better…

If You want to understand (make the situation "transparent") and move from position…. And if You require a thorough analysis of what You have and specific recommendations of what to do… Ask us for more details.

Task 2. About the future. How to forecast?

If the life-cycle of Your product is coming to an end:

  • There are already a lot of competitors and the past success will not repeat itself
  • And that is why, it is not clear what to do next?
  • Which trail to run? And is it worth it?
  • And if it is “worth it”, will it “work or not”? What are the prerequisites? Is there any similar past experience?
  • How to save accumulated resources, qualifications, staff at the beginning of another project?
  • Or is it better to try and give a “second wind” to the current business? But how?

If this is worrying You, ask us for more details.

Task 3. About the target. Where to invest?

If Your available funds are melting:

  • Your own business is successful and does not require investments, but Your accumulated funds melt during inflation periods…
  • Right now, there is the complete order, but the growth rates are falling… While the funds are still there, decisions need to be taken… But which ones?
  • Which joint business will be limited? In such a way, so as not to be distracted from the current one and so as to be effective…
  • Before You used to invest available funds in understandable assets (immovable, shares…), but now it is not working…
  • Even a joint business is present, but it is "so-so"

If You are thinking about it, ask us for more details

What You will get (taking task 1 as example):

  • An assessment of the demand and supply of the products/services for the proposed Customers. An analysis and evaluation of marketing activities of the enterprise. A description of target groups. A structuring of the list of stereotypes of Clients (relative and specific target groups).
  • Conclusions about the reasons for insufficient levels of sales. A detailed report with a list of problems, recommendations and proposals as part of Clients, as well as possible ideas, linked to changes in the market, changes in positioning. That is, in the format of “What is happening to the sales and what can be done”.
  • A marketing strategy for the development of the enterprise and advertising strategy to promote the products/services. Creativity. A list of marketing and advertising solutions, taking into consideration the rules of development which appear on the market, as well as taking into consideration the experience of the company.