About the service

When we fulfil our duties, we discuss with colleagues, Clients, exchange documents, create products etc., we should feel comfortable also. This means that “communication”, “processes”, “functions”, “work” etc. should be properly structured. In a non-structured company, it is not comfortable to work, in the same way as it is not comfortable to live in a “Communal apartment”.

With an aim of setting a comfortable (for the work of employees as well as for a successful business) structure in the Company, our experts offer services in developing effective structurs of the enterprise/section.

If Your Company just appeared and such a structure is immediately requiredу so that later, it is not required to solve problems here-above mentioned.., then this service is for You.

If Your company has grown (suddenly or gradually) and it became difficult to work efficiently under the old conditions, and if:

  • Many employees are overloaded and cannot physically cope with all their duties. There is an insufficient number of staff…
  • On the contrary, there is sufficient staff, but many insignificant activities. Everything is not organized and there is no sense of order....
  • A number of questions arise: who should the employees or a whole department be subordinated to; who does what exactly. To which employee or department should a specific task be assigned? For conflicts, left out Clients and disputes not to arise…
  • The employees of the sales department serve only the current deals and do not show the required activity in the search for new contacts… How to motivate their initiative?
  • Managers "on business trips", fear to miss “their” Clients at the office. Constant disputes occur on their own about commissions or demonstrative refusals to work with “somebody else’s” Client. How to stop that?
  • A full dependence on the qualifications of the managers who are already choosing with which Clients to work and which deal to take on their own. And how to fire them if everything depends on them?
  • Various disputes arise during service to Clients, in fact, it is not clear who to ask. It is difficult to verify the work of many departments and specialists – "a state inside another".
  • And most importantly, the best initiatives and beginnings remain “good intentions” which do not survive among “uninterested” employees and colleagues,

Then this service is for You.