About the Company

The Consulting company "Pán Myšlenek s.r.o." (Prague, the Czech Republic) specialize in solving non-standard tasks in the field of management and also in the field of technical inventions, development and implementation of the corresponding business methods and technologies.

Many methods, created by our specialists are based on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving, Author – Genrich Altshuller).

The specialists of the company provide services in the field of management consulting:

We have experience in the creation, realization and carrying out of expertise of either small or large business projects, and also in the field of business training, marketing training, advertising, public relations and invention.

In the same field, for more than two decades, a few thousands of business seminars and trainings have been organized by our specialists for directors and specialists of companies, business holders and hundreds of trainings and consulting:

  • on business designing on the TRIZ database,
  • on methods of employee management problem-solving,
  • on the development of models of salaries,
  • on developing company standards, useful procedures and technologies,
  • on developing employment exercises,
  • on a promotion (marketing, advertising and Public Relations),
  • on sales and deals techniques,
  • on technical TRIZ (theory of inventive problem-solving),
  • others.

Business cases were created as well (ready-made documents and work technologies) for:

  • trade (active sales, wholesale, retail sales, trade "from the store" and "on order"),
  • management of companies as a whole/departmental,
  • promotion (marketing, advertising, Public Relations).

The biography of our leading specialists can be found here.

The list of services offered can be found here.

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the European Headquarters
the Czech Republic, Prague
Pán Myšlenek, s.r.o., TRIZ-RI Group
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